Organic agriculture USA

USDA National Organic Program

USDA NOP certification allows your organic products to be marketed in the United States

Organic farming is a way of producing food that respects natural life cycles. It minimises the human impact on the environment and operates as naturally as possible without using GMO.

Organic farming is part of an extensive supply chain, which also includes food processing, distribution and retailing. To be suitable for organic markets, the whole chain of organic production needs to be inspected and certified.

Once all requirements are fulfilled, the certificate can be issued and the organic logo can be used on the certified products.

Through third-party verification, we motivate your (quality) claim independently towards your clients. Furthermore, traceability and contamination risks can be managed better by certifying your management system and/or your product.

Organic Agriculture USA Certification

USDA organic certification guarantees:
      • climate and environment protection
      • conservation of soil fertility
      • preservation of biodiversity
      • respect of natural cycles and animal welfare
      • absence of use of chemical and synthetic products
      • absence of GMO
      • transparent labelling for consumers

In order to sell, label or represent organic products in the United States, your products must be certified by a USDA-accredited certification agency.

USDA NOP applies to “100% Organic,” “Organic” or “Made With Organic” food, feed and personal care products. Producers and handlers of organic crops, wild crops, livestock or processed food, feed and personal care products can apply for this organic agriculture USA label.